Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hola Love Muffins!

King O$iRi$ and I will be dishing, laughing (or crying from laughing), and chatting up a storm about our latest collab for GEISHANISTA GO-GO! today on the radio. That's right, you thought you'd heard the last of me ... but NO! How's THAT for a trip-hop/hip-hop holiday gift that keeps on giving? (Naughty, nice, whatever floats y'er 200-foot boat. Preferably in the south of France.)

GEISHANISTA GO-GO will be featured on my upcoming EP due out this spring, and King O$iRi$ is the featured artist. With all this featuring going on, why wait to hear about it? (TEASER: The song's a crazy kaleidoscope of bling, fashion, and hella cool fun. Word.)

We'll spill the beans (and then some) to Omar Mosley on his "The RU Talented Show" today at 5pm PST on KTST 89.5 Anaheim. You can listen LIVE via the Internet, so take a break from the mall madness and settle in with a liquored-up hot toddy ... or two. (Three or more and you're on your own. Oh yeah.) The holiday shopping can wait — Christmas ain't goin' anywhere. Seriously.

See you on the radio

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