Sunday, June 21, 2015


Bad-ass isn't the word. You selflessly step up to the plate without batting an eye and take on both roles as if it were second nature. Despite being tired, scared or needing a shoulder to cry on, you just keep on kicking ass each and every single day — and all your children see is fierce, devoted, unwavering love.

Whether you're single by choice or the fairytale didn't quite work out as planned, doing the work of two is no easy task, particularly at the hardest "job" anyone could ever apply for. It's not for the weak. It's not for those who talk with nothing to back it up. There simply are no words.

Sometimes you can't even imagine keeping it together for one more second. But those are the days you need to stop, hold your kids a little bit tighter, and know in your heart you got this. You're a survivor and, hands down, just amazing. Your best is so much more than some who have two — and it's all your children need.

Happy Father's Day to single moms everywhere ... sending hugs, love and kudos. YOU RULE!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Mommies, Maters, Mutters, Mammas, Mamans, Mamasitas, and Mumsies of the world! What would we do without you? An ever-present influence, confidante and all-round rock in our lives, Mom patiently listens when we drone on and on, finds silver linings to any cloud, and sends comfort food care packages, or the calvary, depending on what kind of trouble we're in. Simply put, there are no words to aptly describe how amazing she is. What can we do to show our appreciation?

Funny you should ask. Whether you've got the Benjamins to jet Mom to Belize or only have time to spend, it's the creativity that counts. Why not think outside the proverbial Hallmark card and make it something she'll never forget? As part of my annual salute, I've comprised a mom-centric gift-giving list that leaves flowers in the dust they sprang from.

Honoring Mom, Granny, and those who've been there like a mom only once a year doesn't even come close to the kudos they deserve. But here's to another 365 days of hugs, love, laughter, and time-honored advice we always can count on. (Even when we don't ask.) xo

1. Diamonds
Why do breakfast at Tiffany's when you can rock Mom's world with sparkly rocks? Think the biggest, most badass bling your budget can buy — from earrings and encrusted charms to classic tennis bracelets, carats are king. They don't call them "girl's best friend" for nothing.

2. Weekend Getaway
Pack Mom's bags and head out for open-road adventure ... destination unknown. Drive up the coast, to the mountains, lake, desert, or anywhere farther than Mom's fave grocery store. 

3. Wine Tasting
Present Mum with a pungent bouquet — and we're not talking mums. Visit a nearby vineyard to savor fruity, fleshy, floral-y bliss. Tilt the Chardonnay. Swirl the Pinot. Sniff the Cabernet. Ahhh, life is but a full-bodied dream. Salud!

4. Sushi-making Class
Holy hot chopsticks! You gotta know when to roll'em, know when to fold'em ... all it takes is a little practice, Ginsu knives, and a dab of wasabi. (And to think Mama-san warned you about playing with your food.) Mangiare! 

5. Salsa Lessons
Your little old Mamasita from Pasadena will definitely bust a move as she cumbias her way across the dance floor. Jaws will drop over those killer cross body leads. (Sexy Latin dance partner optional ... or Dad'll do.)  

6. Go-Kart Racing
Even the mildest-mannered mothers have a need for speed! Suit yours up with protective gear and gloves, then watch her put the pedal to the metal. Buckle up, baby, her adrenaline will be pumpin' faster than house music at a gay bar.

7. Head-to-toe Makeover
She's done so much for you ... with grace, selflessness, and not a stylist in sight. Tsk, tsk. Times they are a-changin'. Pamper Mom with a new cut, color, makeup, mani/pedi, and wardrobe that takes her from garden variety to glam-tastic.

8. Gym Membership
Und we are here to PUMP (clap) YOU UP! Nobody's throwing this mama from a train. Keep her in tip-top shape with her choice of classes, weight training, martial arts, or one-on-one coach. Pretty soon she'll be liftin', flexin', and kickin' blue-hair ass!

9. Picnic on the Beach
Searching for the ultimate dinner theater? Nothing beats catching waves while passing the beast! Pack a bottle of wine, cheese, fruit, salads, sandwiches, and/or gourmet finger foods for a divine sunset feast. Real glasses, silverware, and china make it extra special ... just like Mom.

10. A Handwritten Letter
Mom's been your biggest cheerleader. Grab a pen, pretty paper, and pour your heart out in a heartfelt, handwritten letter highlighting all the wonderful moments you've shared. It's the ultimate tribute ... and a surefire key to her heart.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hola Love Muffins!

If there's one thing you can bank your last Benjamin on, it's the fact that I obsess over what's hot. Call it my "raison d'être," but I quiver upon discovering standout art, architecture, design, people, quotes, food, fashion, shoes, ANYTHING. Inspiration is wily, so why not feast upon the crème de la social media? (I <3 instant gratification and you should too.)

I'll spare you superfluous chatter and get right to it. Here's a quick rundown of what's trending on the happiest of Hump Days — all favorited, liked, pinned, RT, reblogged, and approved by yours truly. Of course. xo

Is it the anniversary of Andy and Edie, the happy years?
Makes me wanna hang at The Factory ... on Instagram. 

Funny seeing my dream home on Pinterest. 
(Minus my two black Range Rovers, but life isn't always perfect.)

Me, sick of shoes? NEVER ... these Emilio Pucci's 
have captured my heart like no Pinterest pin can. 

Looks like he's trying to seduce us all. Oooo, Mrs. Robinson. 
Gracias Twitter ... or was it Instagram?

Cocktails meet bling — what's more delicious?
Only her Pinterest board knows.

My interior designer's better than yours, and the proof is on Instagram! 

A departure from my usual street chic choices, but 
loving it nonetheless ... or it could be her hair. Via Pinterest.

Instagram's rocking a new brand of rocking horse designed by
Chan Wai Lim. Hmmm, didn't have those back in the Bronx. 

Twitter's in a tizzy over Kristen Stewart being the new face of Chanel.
Me? I just adore the vintage camera and those glasses.

Speaking of Chanel, a Tweet most diehard geishanistas live by. 
"Merci beaucoup," Mme. Chanel ... and Tim Fargo for reminding us.

On that note, this armor's both fabulous AND classy.
Courtesy Pinterest.

Who needs little red Corvettes when this baby's in the driveway? 
Thanks to my Tumblr pal, Affluence de la Vie.

And THIS is how it's done, Twitter bitches! 
(For obvious reasons, I mean that quite literally.) 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It may be April Fool's, but shoes are super serious business. (They are in my book.) When names like Louboutin, Choo, and Blahnik are being bantered about, there's no time for jokes. Shoes can make or break first impressions, relationships, even nations ... remember Imelda Marcos? Exactly.

Almost 2,000 pairs to her name ... 
currently housed in the Imelda Marcos shoe museum.

Even though some parts of the country still haven't thawed, Spring 2015's in full swing. From funky flats, flatforms (flat platforms), leggy lace-ups, and sexy strappery to crazy colors, cage-y gladiators, mod mules, and a nod to western, it's a foot fetishist's paradise. Whew.

Fashionistas fantasize about cavernous walk-ins just for their precious Pradas and Puccis, while men fantasize about watching them walk across the room bare-ass naked in sky-high Brian Atwoods. Doused in candlelight ... champagne chilling ... the sensual strains of Marvin Gaye setting the mood. Baby, it's the stuff pin-up dreams (and, um, hardcore shoe porn) are made of. 

Here's a rundown of Spring's hottest heels this side of Saks. (And don't forget to schedule time for pedicures as you'll want to rock your socks off. Literally. No socks.) May your credit card run amok as much as your dizzying senses when you catch a whiff o' these beauties. Not sure about you, but I love the smell of lamb leather in the morning. 

To quote Marilyn Monroe, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Get ready for battle, mein liebchens, this season's all about total badassery. And now, some must-have picks that'll make even the chicest hooves howl with sheer shoe-tastic glee.

Gucci'll put some spring in y'er step with these hella hot heels.

Gucci Take Two:
Couldn't decide ... so I bought them both. 

Chanel's flat-abulous take is pure glam.

Kicking some serious ass in Rodarte. 

Donna Summer would toe wrestle you for these Versace-chi 
treasures that harken to the days of Studio 54.

Who wouldn't want to live in a state of total Tom Ford-gasm?

T-strap-tazzary at its best ... sex on heels by Guy Laroche.

All laced up and ready to show ... bitchin' in Balmain. 

Pucci's western-inspired boots will have every cowboy
within a 50-mile radius watchin' y'er two-step.

They defy rhyme and reason, but I'm always
mad for McQueen.

Ground control to Major Som ...
Peter Som's flats are out of this world.

Prada perfection. Mules never looked so good.

More Versace, more mules. More is better.

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Monday, March 23, 2015



Hola Geishanistas!

Spring 2015's new trends are waiting to be plucked like the first tulips of the season, but here's the catch. (There's always a catch.) You'll def want to look like a fresh-cut bloom and not yesterday's sod. (Or even worse, clearance rack mulch. That's just stinky and hurts everyone's eyes.)

Pull off Seventh Avenue's finest by translating the best of what's walking down the runway (colors, patterns, fabrics, etc.) into what actually works well on you. Novel idea? I'm a firm believer in NOT acting your age and feel there's always a way to incorporate trends ... if you stay true to yourself.

So keep it real, chicas. I repeat: mulch is never the end goal, especially when days are longer and hibernation goes into er, well, hibernation. It's "see and be seen" season so to quote my beloved Tim Gunn, "Make it work!"

Be bold, be daring, be the quirky, risk-taking fashion beast you were born to be ... only be all that after a careful once-over in a full-length mirror, please. Remember, style's an extension of one's personality — without saying a word. (Let's not make those unspoken words four-letter ones.) Trends, conversely, can easily end up wearing you. Kinda like a 22-carat diamond, but I can deal. (Please and thank you.)

Check out my must-haves (as well as a few that simply intrigue me), but it's up to you to figure it out!

1. Shirtdresses
Aunt Georgina wore'em and you will too. With slits to the sky, dropped waists, and delicious details, these are anything but a throwback to the days of Donna Reed.

(Yes, I'm beyond obsessed with their collection.)

2. Urban Safari
Talk about born to be wild. From camo-inspired to fern patterns and khaki chic, bust out the binoculars as the Serengeti comes to you.

Modern twist on "Out of Africa" ... courtesy Ralph Lauren.

3. Statement Stripes
Crisp, graphic, and playfully placed, designers across the board showed their true stripes — strategically sizzling in every imaginable silhouette.

Givenchy gives good stripe.

4. Shoulder Power
Ditch the image of David Byrne (Talking Heads) in that way-famous, wide-shouldered suit he wore circa 1980-something ... au contrere. Bared, bronzed, and bodaciously buff, shoulders are now the new navel.

Balmain bad-assery at its best. 

5. Gingham
Mama mia! Picnic tables and calzone cooks aside, designers are thinking out of the checked box with subtle hues, large graphics, and cool fabrics.

 Sexing it up via Diane von Furstenberg ... we're not in Kansas anymore.

6.  Yellow
Just the mere mention of this color would normally make me run shrieking. Yellow's the stuff bumble bees, taxis, and crime-scene tape are made of, but who can resist this kind of sexpot aplomb in marigold? Not me. (NOTE: Fire up the spray tanner for an added boost.)

Cushnie et Ochs ... how hello-yellow's done. 

7. Military Chic
Femme fatale meets fatigues as army glam is responsible for the coup in your closet. At ease, bitches.

Ten hut ... with Marc Jacobs. 

8. Haute Hippie
From fur vests (yup, fur) to florals, it's all about that luxe 70s look. Next stop, do the Hustle.

Nobody does it better — Gucci. 

9. Kimono-Style
It's a wrap as traditional Japanese garb influences an influx of trench coats, dresses, and tops. My geisha-by-choice heritage is honored, designer-san.

Clover Canyon is all about that Pan-Asian feel.

10. Obi Belts
Another nod to my ancient sistas from ancient mistas. Tie one on with the chicest waist cincher this side of Little Tokyo.

Isabel Marant's tight take on the obi. 

11. Shoes
Forget fakakta flip-flops. It's all about boots and booties, baby, particularly knee-high cage styles. Who cares that it's a sweltering 100 degrees? Keep your feet locked up in these knee-high gladiator-inspired styles for an uber-cool edge — it's paradise for foot fetishists everywhere.

Divinity thy name is DSquared2.

12. Accessories
From ass-kickin' brass, mismatched earrings, and romantic bijoux to revamped 70s and powerful statement pieces reflecting a woman's inner strength, there's a plethora to pick from. IMO, the on-trend choker gets me, well, all choked up.

Even more Balmain bad-assery ... does it ever end? (The answer? No.)

Find more of my daily style picks on Twitter @GEISHA_MANIA (and Instagram too @ladygeisha_geishamania)!

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