Sunday, June 21, 2015


Bad-ass isn't the word. You selflessly step up to the plate without batting an eye and take on both roles as if it were second nature. Despite being tired, scared or needing a shoulder to cry on, you just keep on kicking ass each and every single day — and all your children see is fierce, devoted, unwavering love.

Whether you're single by choice or the fairytale didn't quite work out as planned, doing the work of two is no easy task, particularly at the hardest "job" anyone could ever apply for. It's not for the weak. It's not for those who talk with nothing to back it up. There simply are no words.

Sometimes you can't even imagine keeping it together for one more second. But those are the days you need to stop, hold your kids a little bit tighter, and know in your heart you got this. You're a survivor and, hands down, just amazing. Your best is so much more than some who have two — and it's all your children need.

Happy Father's Day to single moms everywhere ... sending hugs, love and kudos. YOU RULE!

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