Sunday, May 10, 2015


Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Mommies, Maters, Mutters, Mammas, Mamans, Mamasitas, and Mumsies of the world! What would we do without you? An ever-present influence, confidante and all-round rock in our lives, Mom patiently listens when we drone on and on, finds silver linings to any cloud, and sends comfort food care packages, or the calvary, depending on what kind of trouble we're in. Simply put, there are no words to aptly describe how amazing she is. What can we do to show our appreciation?

Funny you should ask. Whether you've got the Benjamins to jet Mom to Belize or only have time to spend, it's the creativity that counts. Why not think outside the proverbial Hallmark card and make it something she'll never forget? As part of my annual salute, I've comprised a mom-centric gift-giving list that leaves flowers in the dust they sprang from.

Honoring Mom, Granny, and those who've been there like a mom only once a year doesn't even come close to the kudos they deserve. But here's to another 365 days of hugs, love, laughter, and time-honored advice we always can count on. (Even when we don't ask.) xo

1. Diamonds
Why do breakfast at Tiffany's when you can rock Mom's world with sparkly rocks? Think the biggest, most badass bling your budget can buy — from earrings and encrusted charms to classic tennis bracelets, carats are king. They don't call them "girl's best friend" for nothing.

2. Weekend Getaway
Pack Mom's bags and head out for open-road adventure ... destination unknown. Drive up the coast, to the mountains, lake, desert, or anywhere farther than Mom's fave grocery store. 

3. Wine Tasting
Present Mum with a pungent bouquet — and we're not talking mums. Visit a nearby vineyard to savor fruity, fleshy, floral-y bliss. Tilt the Chardonnay. Swirl the Pinot. Sniff the Cabernet. Ahhh, life is but a full-bodied dream. Salud!

4. Sushi-making Class
Holy hot chopsticks! You gotta know when to roll'em, know when to fold'em ... all it takes is a little practice, Ginsu knives, and a dab of wasabi. (And to think Mama-san warned you about playing with your food.) Mangiare! 

5. Salsa Lessons
Your little old Mamasita from Pasadena will definitely bust a move as she cumbias her way across the dance floor. Jaws will drop over those killer cross body leads. (Sexy Latin dance partner optional ... or Dad'll do.)  

6. Go-Kart Racing
Even the mildest-mannered mothers have a need for speed! Suit yours up with protective gear and gloves, then watch her put the pedal to the metal. Buckle up, baby, her adrenaline will be pumpin' faster than house music at a gay bar.

7. Head-to-toe Makeover
She's done so much for you ... with grace, selflessness, and not a stylist in sight. Tsk, tsk. Times they are a-changin'. Pamper Mom with a new cut, color, makeup, mani/pedi, and wardrobe that takes her from garden variety to glam-tastic.

8. Gym Membership
Und we are here to PUMP (clap) YOU UP! Nobody's throwing this mama from a train. Keep her in tip-top shape with her choice of classes, weight training, martial arts, or one-on-one coach. Pretty soon she'll be liftin', flexin', and kickin' blue-hair ass!

9. Picnic on the Beach
Searching for the ultimate dinner theater? Nothing beats catching waves while passing the beast! Pack a bottle of wine, cheese, fruit, salads, sandwiches, and/or gourmet finger foods for a divine sunset feast. Real glasses, silverware, and china make it extra special ... just like Mom.

10. A Handwritten Letter
Mom's been your biggest cheerleader. Grab a pen, pretty paper, and pour your heart out in a heartfelt, handwritten letter highlighting all the wonderful moments you've shared. It's the ultimate tribute ... and a surefire key to her heart.

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