Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hola Love Muffins!

If there's one thing you can bank your last Benjamin on, it's the fact that I obsess over what's hot. Call it my "raison d'être," but I quiver upon discovering standout art, architecture, design, people, quotes, food, fashion, shoes, ANYTHING. Inspiration is wily, so why not feast upon the crème de la social media? (I <3 instant gratification and you should too.)

I'll spare you superfluous chatter and get right to it. Here's a quick rundown of what's trending on the happiest of Hump Days — all favorited, liked, pinned, RT, reblogged, and approved by yours truly. Of course. xo

Is it the anniversary of Andy and Edie, the happy years?
Makes me wanna hang at The Factory ... on Instagram. 

Funny seeing my dream home on Pinterest. 
(Minus my two black Range Rovers, but life isn't always perfect.)

Me, sick of shoes? NEVER ... these Emilio Pucci's 
have captured my heart like no Pinterest pin can. 

Looks like he's trying to seduce us all. Oooo, Mrs. Robinson. 
Gracias Twitter ... or was it Instagram?

Cocktails meet bling — what's more delicious?
Only her Pinterest board knows.

My interior designer's better than yours, and the proof is on Instagram! 

A departure from my usual street chic choices, but 
loving it nonetheless ... or it could be her hair. Via Pinterest.

Instagram's rocking a new brand of rocking horse designed by
Chan Wai Lim. Hmmm, didn't have those back in the Bronx. 

Twitter's in a tizzy over Kristen Stewart being the new face of Chanel.
Me? I just adore the vintage camera and those glasses.

Speaking of Chanel, a Tweet most diehard geishanistas live by. 
"Merci beaucoup," Mme. Chanel ... and Tim Fargo for reminding us.

On that note, this armor's both fabulous AND classy.
Courtesy Pinterest.

Who needs little red Corvettes when this baby's in the driveway? 
Thanks to my Tumblr pal, Affluence de la Vie.

And THIS is how it's done, Twitter bitches! 
(For obvious reasons, I mean that quite literally.) 

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