Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Why do I have a hair-covered dog bone on my head, you ask? Good question but think about it. How else would one accessorize walking six kimono-clad Chihuahuas before getting all glammed up? Exactly. (Other than the rhinestone-encrusted dog bone necklace hidden under my robe, of course.)
As it turns out, the scenes changed quite a bit from our original treatment. Which is fine, because my poor puppy co-stars were scared sh*tless … and I don’t blame’em. Unfortunately, you don’t really get to see them close-up in their teeny tiny puppy kimonos. (Elaborately designed by my sister-from-another-mister, Nancy Jeong — love you!) 
I tried holding two on my lap during the salon scene, which didn’t work out so well — neither could stop shivering and were just so fragile I wanted to cry for them. :(  Kobe’s the smaller one in the top pic and Marley’s in the bottom shot. (I think … although it could be Shiloh on the bottom but I keep getting them mixed up. Oy.)
Let it be known that these babies were GEISHA-MANIA!’s true stars — EVERYONE instinctively wanted to love, hug, and hold them. They even had their own puppy play pen at the studio — can you imagine that? Just beyond cute.
So you can meet all six, I’m hoping to do a shoot with them in the near future — costumes and all. (If we’re able to schedule a “playdate.”) Much love and thanks to my dear friend and “puppy mom,” Savannah Scott and her nieces, Winter and Raven, who helped wrangle these bundles of sweetness all day. You brought lots of happiness to our set!
Also, a great big thanks to Sara and Mike, owners of the gorgeous Nail & Hair Bar Salon in Burbank, CA, for enduring our insanity and letting us shoot there! (LOVE THIS PLACE … be sure to check it out at:

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