Thursday, August 1, 2013


While sipping cocktails and swapping secrets Tuesday night, a "friend" showed me an iPhone app called Shazam. Its purpose is to provide info about new music that you don't already know -- especially the name! Once started, the app picks up sound waves, locates the song, names the artist, finds lyrics, etc. Imagine that.

Of course, I wondered if this would work with MY little ditty (he DEFINITELY had his doubts), so I dared him to crank up Shazam while I fired up my iTunes. We assumed a pseudo-Voldemort stance, pointed our iPhones at each other like wacky wands (he was Harry to my Hermione), took a deep breath, closed our eyes, and left the rest to fate. (Well, we really didn't close our damn eyes. I just added that for effect.)

Sure enough, what in the world pops up? Mmmmm-hmmmm. That's right kiddie-sans --GEISHA-MANIA! GEISHA-MANIA! (Obviously SOMEBODY's doin' it.)

WOO-HOO!!!!! In all my Lady Geisha-ness, I blushed, pretended to be coy (so utterly foreign to MOI) and, needless to say, was beyond thrilled. He was QUITE impressed. (As well he should be.)

Moral of the story? No moral -- obviously I have NO morals. I mean, have you SEEN the video??? But, I must confess, it's nice seeing all my behind-the-scenes work paying off -- IN SPADES! And there you have it.

Lotsa love, 


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