Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Literally? Well, it depends.

Hola babydolls, it's Wednesday and we know what that means -- HAPPY HOUR! (As if anyone needs a reason. Um, who hates being happy?)

Now that Fashion Week's over, Emmy dust has settled, and I've gorged on everything GLAM-tastic, it's back to the grind -- songwriting, singing, blinging. Fabulous as life may be, delicious libations during a hard week's work are the only thing between me and lounging poolside in a sushi bikini. Sanity (I'm told mine's in question) is a whole other story. Go figure.

Where's YOUR go-to watering hole to kick back, relax, and escape when 5 pm rolls around? I promise not to keep it a secret if you let me know in the comments section below. Aw c'mon, sharing is caring, spread the love, love thy neighbor, and all that good stuff. Even though I mentioned my preferred hotspots in a previous post, tonight I'm trying out a brand-new place with a brand-new man. So it's a crap shoot all around. (Suddenly I feel a song coming on. Unfortunately, to my dismay, it has a country western vibe.) Though kissing and telling ain't gonna happen, I will share the conundrum running through my head. What will I wear? What will I drink? Will it be love? Wait ... which Dave is this? (I've met THREE in one week.)

So much for being slick. No one has dating down to a science, though I can certainly provide a tip to spare some embarrassment: Until you're able to keep them all straight in your head, never utter the words, "Didn't we say we'd meet up on Tuesday?" Don't mention any other day of the week either because, inevitably, you will be speaking with one of the other two men. Just sayin'. (I even took it a step further and inadvertently mentioned multiple dates to the wrong man. Can the universe scream "STOP! NO! DON'T!" any louder?)

Which is why this l'il Geisha-nista will def need a frosty, fruity funfest to start whistlin' Dixie. Ok, maybe not. I don't whistle. And Dixie ... what in the hell is that cliche about? I'll just be happy if he makes me laugh. (Though I think drinks will help.) Forget the "Where are you from, what do you do for fun?" bullshit. We ALL know what I do for fun. (And personally I think "fun" is an understatement. Hence GEISHA-MANIA!) But back to what's really important people -- who can resist eight ounces of awesome? Exactly. So what if it's attached to tall, dark, and gift-giving? Talk about jackpots.

Enough of this folderol, the verdict arrives soon enough and I'm positive you'll all be wondering until then. Can't make it to happy hour? Nonsense -- what ARE you bitches made of? Seriously. Break out the bling, throw on some shades, spritz eau de parfum, and I'll bring it to you. Here's one of my fave recipes for frozen watermelon bliss ... brew it by the vat for 100% satisfaction!

Have a unique or original cocktail recipe you think I'd enjoy ... something with a geisha twist? Again, SEE/TYPE/SEND to the comments section below -- I'll even post your pic along with the Lady Geisha Seal of Approval! (Bloody hell, you people are so damn high-maintenance.)

Oh yeah, stay tuned for the latest on all things GEISHA-MANIA! ... from new songs, eBooks, recipes, fashion and dating advice to campaigns, content, swell swag, and more. (Mark my words, little wontons, you really won't be able to contain yourselves. And neither will I.)


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