Saturday, February 15, 2014


How fitting I'd come across this pic the day after Valentine's Day ... our holiday of love. Seems this beyond adorbs couple got married before cameras were an option. I shall call them Cute 1 and Cute 2. Kinda like Dr. Suess.

Words can't express how much I truly love them, with their beautiful little intricately lined faces and knotty caramel canes all dressed up. Recapturing a moment. Reflecting a lifetime. So beautiful I could cry. (It never takes much.)

Notice the contrast between her white veil and his shirt, her cream gown and his jacket -- it's BRILLIANT. The brick wall? Symbolic. Love, love, love the joy on his face. I can't take it. Her winsome expression is just the absolute BEST. Can someone bring them over to dinner for me? They're too friggin' fabulous.

Now... you were saying how what your V-day was? If it wasn't all Hallmark cards 'n' street vendor roses, just look at Cute 1 and Cute 2. Love knows no age. Simply focus on your own happiness and love will find you. Relationships are the icing, NOT the cake. You gotta make your own damn cake. So fall in love with YOU, buy some proverbial eggs, and start baking.

Plus, all the cheap chocolate and tacky, sappy bears are on sale today, making them even cheaper for the puppet hordes that buy into this commercial crap. Not really the kind of emotion I'm looking for. Stores will be absolutely ransacked, like mini tornadoes tore through'em. Heh, heh, heh. (Of course, the kind of love connection I'm looking for is found at Tiffany's. They NEVER have sales like that so I'm good. Thank you.)

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