Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Boys, bling, fashion & FUN! They said it couldn't be done. HAH! Well, Lady Geisha (that's me!) and my brand-new website prove it can. Rome wasn't built in a day, so pipe down and check out the latest news on the little musically silly sideshow that could. And did. And would. And should. Oy.

BTW, here's a delicious little tidbit to help you sleep at night. I'm BACK IN THE STUDIO THIS MONTH, makin' music, singin' songs, and laughing my size 0 ass off. (What can I say? Size 2 sounded better in the song.) That's right, it never ends. Never. 

Just wait'll you see which rap artist I'm collaborating with for my next musical funfest -- as if your delicate eyes and ears had had enough. Heh, heh, heh. Talk about hella hot ... sushi bikinis were only the beginning. 

And speaking of sushi bikinis, the GEISHA-MANIA! Sing-along Video is being re-released this spring! Yup, I kid you not. (As if you needed another reason to never look at hot tubs the same way.)

Happy Hump Day, grab some drinkie-poos at Happy Hour, watch GEISHA-MANIA! all over again, and whatever you do, stay happy bitches ...  stay tuned for THE YEAR OF THE GEISHA!  xoxo

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