Friday, March 21, 2014


Forget satire, songs, and being silly. Let's get serious ... if just for day.

Today is Single Parents Day and I honestly don’t know where to begin – it would take volumes. That said, I suppose having the baby’s a good place to start. My life changed forever and became perfect all at once the moment she was born. I was in baby love with the most incredible being. Her innocent little eyes looked up to me for everything … how could I (or anyone) not want to give her the world? Those that know us know the answer.

Words can’t describe playing the role of both mom and dad. I often felt isolated and unsure of exactly where I fit in. Though definitely challenged on some levels, I was blessed with a child who somehow understood we were in this together. It wasn’t about social norms, expectations, or stuff – it was about love. It was about US.

There was no other option but to prevail. Sometimes the gray area was blinding, yet here we are. We actually made it -- quite swimmingly, I must add. I jumped in, followed my gut, and did my best. (It also helped that she was quite an amazing co-pilot.) People act on instincts … and seeing her now proves mine were pretty damn good.

It’s been a long, short, wonderful, frightening, beautiful, trying, ever-rewarding journey. Miraculously I weathered the emotional rollercoaster to raise a brilliant, successful young woman. The word “proud” doesn’t quite cut it. (Let me throw in “Class Valedictorian” just once more. Please. Oh, and did I mention brilliant?)

Bottom line, I’d relive every single second to be exactly who and where we are today. Because of her words I understand the meaning of true wealth. Because of her fierceness I’ve come to realize my own strength. Because of her love I believe in angels, as she is truly mine. I am so lucky to have lived this life. Thank you my darling. I love you … infinity squared.

Celebrate Single Parent Appreciation Day and send lots of love to all the moms and dads raising children alone … they truly have the hardest job in existence. Hopefully, like mine, it’s been the most gratifying. xo

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