Sunday, February 23, 2014


Upon awakening on the most hallowed of holidays--National Margarita Day--let's take a moment to honor the true meaning of this auspicious occasion. Hmmm. Actually, there's not much history to honor, according to the Huff Post -- and if they can't find a story explaining how the holiday came to be, I won't waste time trying to dig something up. There's just too damn much drinking to do ... and it's only noon.

FACT: we do know that both the U.S. and Mexico claim dibs on designing the luscious libation -- even though tequila is definitely a Mexican liquor invented after the Spanish conquest. In Mexico. Just sayin'. Here's what I think -- who gives a flying lime where it came from? As long as there are numerous salt-rimmed glasses in sight, I can deal. (See pic below.)

What's in the concoction everyone's clamoring to claim their own? Simple recipes include tequila, lime juice, grenadine, creme de cassis, ice and soda, but there are as many iterations as there are flavors. There are so many cool recipes to try, but personally, I haven't had one I didn't love--classic, mango, strawberry, watermelon--though a Caliente Kiss is next on the list. 

My fave? Well, they're kinda like children -- all totally sweet, fun to be around, and enrich the quality of your life without even knowing. So, so, so hard to pick one over the other. Just keep'em coming. (Preferably on the beach, served by a shirtless buff cabana boy. Double yum.) 

As people all over Los Angeles, and the entire country, start slurping away like there's no such thing as a weekly Margarita Monday (there is), I pose just one question: who's bitchin' enough to dream up the perfect Lady Geisha margarita? It has to be sweet (like me), sparkly (like me), and have a quirky twist (def like me). Talk amongst yourselves, rev those blenders, and invite me to come try it! I just may include you and your tres fab recipe in one of my upcoming books. (Probably yes. Wink, wink.)

So whether you enjoy'em classic, slushy, or via ice pop form, make sure to imbibe wholeheartedly -- and often. All day long. We're not only celebrating National Margarita Day, but America as a whole. I mean, what other country is fickle enough to deem an alcoholic drink worthy of national recognition after enforcing prohibition? Seems like we should really be gearing up for National 420 Day, no? xo

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